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Terms & Conditions of Hire 

Alternative Wedding Tents 

These Terms and Conditions are your agreement with Alternative Wedding Tents (AWT).  Alternative Wedding Tents is our Company name. It is owned and managed by Lizzie  Spooner. 

You are the hirer (client) and once you pay the deposit then your booking is confirmed and  you are agreeing to be 

part of a legal binding contract between yourself (the name on the invoice) and Lizzie  Spooner of Alternative 

Wedding Tents (AWT). 

‘Equipment’ is defined as any of our alternative tents, plus equipment and all furnishings etc  hired through 

Alternative Wedding tents by our clients. Alternative Wedding Tents will deliver and set up all  agreed equipment, to the address, on the delivery date at 

the time agreed between AWT and the hirer. If Alternative Wedding Tents are excessively  busy the delivery 

time may be changed in agreement with the hirer. 

Alternative Wedding Tents will dismantle and remove the equipment from the site on the  agreed date and time 

as agreed by between the hirer and Alternative Wedding Tents. We allow four full working  days for setting up 

our Luxury Wedding Packages and two days to fully dismantle and leave site. Please  discuss with us if the setting up times don’t work with you, depending on your booking then  we may be able to make exceptions on the setting up and dismantle times. . 

Alternative Wedding Tents will provide equipment that is in good working order. Conditions of Hire: 

1. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the safety of the equipment and the safety of any  person who makes 

use of the equipment for the duration of the hire period. 

2. The hirer is responsible for the safety and security of all equipment from the date of the  installation to their 

removal from the site. 

3. Cats/Dogs or any other animals are not permitted inside the tents supplied by Alternative  Wedding Tents. (Only guide dogs are permitted inside the tents). 

4. The hirer will take all reasonable steps to make sure that the equipment is not at any time  altered or 

interfered with. 

5. Any damage caused to the tent and its equipment and furnishings will be the sole  responsibility or the hirer 

and they will be invoiced for the damage caused. We strongly advise insurance to be set up  by the Wedding 

Venue / Land owner. Please also consider taking out a damage waiver from us to cover any  accidental loss or damage. Please enquire. We require to see proof of your wedding  insurance to ensure we are satisfied that it covers everything that we are supplying. *Please  see below for information on our damage waiver. 

6.The hirer takes full responsibility for the actions of third parties that cause safety issues or  fire risks and 

consequences that result from such risks. 

7. Any fire or barbecue or fire bowl must be situated at least 15 feet away from the tipi/yurt  and must be 

extinguished when un-attended. 

No smoking inside the yurts. No open flames or cooking equipment is to be set up in the  Yurts / Tents unless

previously agreed with by Alternative Wedding Tents. 

8. The hirer will book a pitch that is accessible for Alternative Wedding Tents to access their  vehicles and erect 

the tents. If Alternative Wedding Tents are given false information regarding the site and  cannot access it the 

contract may be terminated. We suggest arranging us to visit your site, the first site visit  being free of charge. 

Any more site visits will be charged at 0.80p per mile from Pilton BA44FJ.


9. The grass should be cut short and no overhanging trees should be above the pitch site.


10. No fires, cigarettes, candles or any cooking equipment are allowed inside the  tipi/yurts/tents, unless previously arranged with AWT. 

11. All doors should be closed and secured when the hirer leaves the tipi/yurt/tents at the  end of the night. 

12. The equipment remains the sole property of Alternative Wedding Tents at all times and  the hirer is 

prohibited from hiring, selling or parting possession from the equipment for the duration of  the hire period. 

13. Whilst Alternative Wedding Tents will always do its best to ensure that you enjoy the use  of the tipi/ 

yurt, Alternative Wedding Tents cannot be held responsible for bad weather. If we are  unable to pitch due to 

flooding or adverse weather conditions an alternative date will be offered. Our wind load  statement is available on request. 

14. Alternative Wedding Tents may, where necessary, use other suppliers for certain  equipment requested by 

their clients. Any items hired through Alternative Wedding Tents for the purpose of their hirer  will be solely the 

responsibility of the hirer. If we use other suppliers we will send you their own company  Terms of Trading. 

15. The hirer may not extend the hire period without prior permission from Alternative  Wedding Tents and 

Alternative Wedding Tents has the right to decline the request if the ‘equipment’ has been  booked for another 

destination for that time. If Alternative Wedding Tents agrees to extend the period, the hirer  agrees to pay any 

extra charges accordingly. Each additional hire day of the ‘equipment’ outside of the agreed  hire period as 

stated on the invoice, incurs a charge of approximately 15% of the final quote as stated on  the invoice. 

16. If Alternative Wedding Tents has to clear any rubbish or tables or other equipment not  belonging to AWT before dismantling the yurts can commence then additional charges of at  least £160 will 

incur. AWT will agree with the hirer the day they will arrive to dismantle the tents.


17. Alternative Wedding Tents or any of our suppliers will not be responsible for any injury or  damage to 

persons/property arising from the use of any equipment under hire. Alternative Wedding  Tents or our 

suppliers will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or additional  costs that may 

arise as a result of Alternative Wedding Tents or any of our suppliers being in default of the  performance of its 


18. Alternative Wedding Tents will need permission to be on site to deliver and set up the  yurts / tents as early 

as possible and to stay on site to ensure the work is done on time. The times will be agreed 

by the hirer and 

Alternative Wedding Tents. Each hire period is normally up to 1 week. We allow 5 days to  set up and 1 or 2 

days to take down so please ensure you have the right to use the land for this hire period.


19. Our suppliers of ‘extra equipment’ will make every effort to deliver and collect at the  times requested by 

the hirer within normal working hours Mon-Fir 8am to 5pm, but specific timings cannot be  guaranteed. 

Removal of goods will be as promptly as possible, but collection cannot be guaranteed  immediately after use 

from every venue at the same time. It is the hirers’ responsibility to ensure that equipment is  kept dry and 

secure within the yurt. 

20. Alternative Wedding Tents will provide equipment that is in good working order. Electrical  equipment will 

be PAT tested. 

21. The hirer accepts full responsibility for the safety of the yurt equipment and the safety of  any person who 

makes use of the yurt for the duration of the hire period. 

22. The hirer is responsible for the safety and security of the yurt and all other tents hired  through Alternative 

Wedding Tents from the date of installation to their removal from the site. PAYMENT: 

23. If the booking is made within three months of the event taking place we require full  payment upon booking. 

24. Any deductions to your booking can be made at any time up until 6 weeks after the  deposit has been paid and therefore the booking has been confirmed. 6 weeks after the hirer  pays their deposit is the cut off point for any alterations to the booking that causes any  deductions in what is being booked. We can however discuss additions to your booking.  We will do our best to accommodate the hirer. We must have all details secured and  confirmed at least 

6 weeks before the hire period begins. Any requests for changes after this time are likely to  be declined and 

Alternative Wedding Tents has that right to refuse any changes at this time.

25. Deposit : A BACS payment or Paypal payment of 25% of the final price is required to  secure the booking. Any Paypal payments will incur the Paypal fee. 

Once the deposit is paid the hirer is bound by these Terms and Conditions of hire and is  entering into a legal 

binding contract between themselves and Lizzie Spooner. The deposit must be received  within 10 days after 

the invoice is sent. The remaining balance is due at least 8 weeks before delivery. Any  Paypal payments 

will incur the Paypal fee. 

26. In the event of cancellation: Should the client cancel the booking then Alternative  Wedding Tents will keep 

the deposit used to confirm the booking. We can only ‘postpone’ a booking if we can fill the  date with a replacement booking on the same dates. We will re-open the dates and hope to  find another couple to book it but unfortunately if we cannot, then we have no option but to  

retain the deposit and the points outlined in no.27 will be enforced.  We can offer a slight discount between 10% - 25% on any future booking.


27. If the invoice has been paid in full and the hirer then cancels the booking three months or  closer to the event a 

50% refund of the total invoice price will be offered. If at this time the full payment is yet to be  received by Alternative Wedding Tents then fifty percent (50%) of the total invoice price shall  be payable to 

Alternative Wedding Tents by the hirer. The hirer shall be sent an invoice and this will need 

to be paid within 1 month of the invoice date. 

28. Alternative Wedding Tents has the right to change these Terms & Condition at any time even if your booking has been confirmed so please be aware of the most recent version by referring to our website. 


AWT will not be liable for any: Act of God including but not limited to  tempest, fire, flood, storm or natural disaster; War, civil war, sabotage or act of terrorism; Government sanction, Global Pandemic , embargo, import or export regulation or order; Labour disputes, including strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other industrial action; Failure in the transportation of equipment, machinery or personnel or in the provision of any utility including power, gas, water, or communication services.

While every effort will be made by AWT to carry out any booking accepted, however, the full performance of it is subject to variation or cancellation by AWT consequent upon Act of God, War, Strikes, Riots, Lockouts or any other disturbances. Fire, Flood, Storm, Gale or Tempest restrictions on the use of Transport, Fuel or Power. Requisitioning Storage of material or transport or labour or any other cause beyond the control of AWT.

Choice of Law

This contract will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

Corona Virus Updated Terms and Conditions* 

If you are forced to postpone your wedding due to Government orders arising from the  Corona Virus Pandemic we will help you arrange another date for your wedding as best we  can. 

There will be no extra charge if you are forced to postpone your wedding due to  Government guidelines or a change in the Law surrounding the Corona Virus Pandemic.  We will do our best to accommodate our clients during this unsettling time. We will suggest all available dates during a time when large gatherings can take place  (subject to current laws/guidelines), even if this means postponing until the following year, and will do our best to find a new date for your wedding.  

We will only be able to suggest dates for the current or following year only.  If for any reason you decide that you no longer wish to go ahead with your booking, then  AWT will try to find another couple to book your weekend. If we cannot find a replacement  booking for your weekend then we will have no option but to keep your deposit. This is not  ideal and we will do our best to find a suitable date for you to hold your wedding. 

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