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gorgeous Package Deal!

The aim of our Special Package Deals is to give you more for your money!

We've selected items from our inventory that give you a superb set up, covering different areas to allow you to create a bar area, a lounge, catering area and dining / dance area. The yurts are stunning on their own, and this package gives you yurts, power, lights and furniture and allows you to add your own creative flair or choose your own florist to inject a burst of fresh flowers and colour that reflects you as a couple. 

We're in the process of teaming up with some beautiful people to offer you some irresistible packages! But whilst we get on with that, Take a look at what's included in our current special packages! We're offering a massive 30% off the following list:

  • 12ft Reception Yurt / Welcome Yurt  £350

​Matting £75​​

  • ​30ft x 60ft SkyBarn Wedding Yurt with matting £3350

  • ​Lighting package (50m  / 164ft soft white fairy lights 8 Par can colour changing lights 30m / 98ft soft white Festoon) £225

  • Circumference silk apple blossom flower garlands £100

  • Circumference fairy lights £100 for add-on yurts

  • Chandelier x 2 £150​​​

  • Top table and chairs for 8 £75

  • Guest Tables and benches for up to 72 £360


  • ​Guest Tables and benches for up to 120 £600


  • ​Guest Tables and benches for up to 156 £780

  • 3 x Large out-door Fire-bowl (Worth £255)

  • Stage £150

  • Parquet dance floor (12ft x 12ft) £200

  • PA System including mic £250

  • Yurt bar (5.5m yurt) £400

  • Coir matting throughout £150

  • Crafted bar £50

  • Bar equipment £180

Includes décor & furniture: Wine cooler, 2 x Igloo cool boxes, Bottle racks and shelving, Freezer, Silk flower garlands and lights, bar menu blackboards 

  • Temporary events notice £40


  • Catering Tent inc worklight and sockets £200

  • ​Mains Distro and cabling £150

  • Generator £180 (fuel 65p for every litre consumed)

  • 'Arcotherm' Indirect Space Heater  £300​

  • 18ft Yurt Lounge with coir matting £550

  • Lounge carpet (Persian rug) and Chesterfield Sofa with matching foot stool £250

For up to 80 guests, the price of this package comes to £7,835  with our special discount you can hire this package for £5.600!

for up to 120 guests, the price of this package comes to £8,075, you can hire it for £5,800!

for up to 164 guests this package comes to £8,255, This can be yours to hire for £6,000!

Please note: the generator fuel is charged as extra.

this does not include delivery / collection which is charged at £2 / mile from your venue and back again.

you are welcome to add anything else that you can see on our 'build your own page' at the prices listed.

more amazing deals are to be launched soon! So for all you romantics planning to pop the question this VAlentine's Day, or even you ladies who feel it's your turn this February 29th, watch this space for deals coming especially for you!

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