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Planning a Yurt Wedding

What better thing to do during a sunny afternoon then start planning your big day!

What the world is going through now is probably the strangest times many of us have ever experienced. Not only is the whole world suffering and worrying about the dreaded C virus, but we are having to change our every day lives to try to cope with getting a handle on thing's. Let's be positive, and let's be bold. Let us know that this will all be over one day and we can try to get thing's as close to normal as we can. One thing is for sure, we won't let it ruin your big day! 2021 is sure to be a year of huge celebrations! A time where we will all look forward to being close to our loved one's. A time to hold hands and celebrate LOVE.

For me, planning a yurt wedding, means you want something a little bit different. You are more than the bog standard PVC marquee with ivory lining, you have more of a spark about you, more creativety, you are brimming with style and bursting with love that you simply want to share with your family and friends, and most importantly, your life partner.

Within this article, I hope to inspire you, to give you a few important tips of what to put on your to-do list, and what to expect from the crew who arrive to set to work on building the space that will hold the party of your dreams, the celebrations of a life time!

The SkyBarn Wedding Yurt

Our most beautiful tent of all, is our unique stretched yurt. Unlike most yurts, this one is elongated and with that, comes a huge sky-light that spans the whole roof section. Take a look at the stunning photo above, check out that sky and all the natural light that floods into the space! Truly divine. But fear not, when the yurt is first erected, we make sure that the full cover is in place. For the sky-light, this means a clear PVC covering, so you won't lose your natural light, but equally, you won't need to worry about any raindrops either. The rest of the cover is fully weatherproof and covers the roof section and also the walls. Again, if the day is so gorgeously sunny and dry, why not remove the wall cover and reveal the great outdoors?

Guest Seating & Different Spaces to Explore

It goes without saying that your guests will want a perch to enjoy a beverage or two, to listen to the speeches, and of course, the wedding breakfast. But how formal do I sound? Don't feel pressured into sticking to the customs of traditional weddings if that doesn't float your boat, afterall, we're used to pushing the boundaries here and going against the 'norm'!

However, why not mix it up a bit if you like? We love to keep a little bit of tradition and mix it with some quirky unexpected charms, afterall, it's a day to remember, a time to reflect your personalities and creativety, is it not?!

We have created some rather lovely rustic style tables and benches. We've kept the dimensions nice and wide so no one has to squish up, and the tables can provide lots of space for all the decorations, crockery and no doubt numerous glasses!

But don't forget, more informal seating dotted about the place to create different spaces is a great idea as well. Let your guests find different areas where they can discouver and put their feet with family and friends. We can create an out-door lounge, or keep it within the cosy but spacious Yurt Lounge if you prefer. We can create a Shisha lounge with floor cushions and coffee tables, or a more sophisicated feel with the Chesterfield sofa.

Check out the little gallery below for a few ideas.

The Practical guide:

Power and Lights

Be sure to hire a generator of around 20KVA. We have enough cables and power sockets for the equipment that we provide, but you need to take into account the needs of your caterers, the music / band, and any extra out door lighting and entertainment. It's worth asking your chosen suppliers for their energy output needs so we can be sure to get it right as early on as possible.

Our lights package is what we consider to be adaquate for the yurts that we provide. We've come up with a lovely little package that gives you an ambient glow with a choice of subtle colour changing lights. You may want to add chandeliers and outdoor lighting. Don't forget your guests will want to enjoy the fresh evening air at times, and will need to get to their accomodation or taxi at some point during the dark!

The Site

Many of us dream of celebrating in a remote place where the view is spectacular, the sound of the babbling brook is near by, the place where many memories were made. But in practical terms, this isn't necessarily going to work with everything you want for your wedding.

Let's be real, and let's be sensible for a minute!

Think, 'Access.'

We need to be able to get right up close to where you want the the yurts to be sited. We need to be able to drive off the road in our 12T lorry and we need good clearance into the gateway. This doesn't mean we haven't had our fair share of lugging kit from one end of a field to the other so not to ruin the grass! And it doesn't mean we've ever said 'no' to a couple who have had their hearts set on a field down a bridle-way, or through a corn field to get to their chosen destination! We are a dab-hand at saying 'yes' and making it work for our clients, so fear not, and ask for a site visit if you are in any doubt as to whether it will work!

Catering and Entertainment

We have worked with some of the best in catering and entertainment. Please check out our recommended suppliers by clicking on this link

Be sure to 'like' our social media sites and drop us a line if you want to know more about what we can do for you!

We're always super excited to meet new couples and to help you organise the best day of your lives so please get in touch!

From me, Lizzie, and all at Alternative Wedding Tents x

Live To Love

Love To Live

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